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There is considerable research into the links between recess and nutrition on the health and scholastic success on children.  Here is a collection of information we have found useful.  We will try to update it as we find more.

Our Stance

No matter how well teachers are prepared to teach, no matter what accountability measures are put in place, no matter what government structures are established for schools, educational progress will be profoundly limited if students are not motivated and able to learn.  Taking time for children to get their nutritional needs met and taking the time for the physical activity that their bodies need, actually results in more focused time to learn.  Minimizing lunch and recess is counterproductive to academic achievement as recess and lunch promote not only physical health and social development but also cognitive performance.

The petition was created in an attempt to show the depth of interest in lunch and recess across the entire Anchorage School District.  Although the petition summarizes our position, we have a more detailed explanation here with more details and links to all the research.


Recent concerns about lunch and recess time started in fall of 2017 when Sand Lake dropped from 60 minutes combined for lunch and recess to only 45.  After little success working directly with ASD administration, ASD60 was formed to organize the community around a solution to the challenge for all Anchorage schools.

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