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Contact Anchorage School District

The ASD administration and school board need to understand that the students, parents, teachers and community members are concerned about recess and lunch time.  They need to understand how these issues are impacting our students and school and home throughout the district.   Your personal stories can make the most difference in moving the needle.  Please contact them.

School Board

Anchorage Daily News

Letters to the editor and op-eds show broad community support and spread the word about the issue.

State Representatives

SB200 attempted to promote physical activity in our schools (90% of the CDC’s recommended 60 minutes a day).  The Physical Activity in Schools Law states that school districts shall establish guidelines to provide opportunities for 54 minutes of physical activity each full school day for students in grades K-8. The 54 minutes may include a combination of physical education, recess, school-wide activities and in-classroom activity. Let your state representatives know you would like to see SB200 be more binding by requiring schools to not just have policies in place but to enforce those policies so that the intent of the law is met equally across the state.

Link to SB200 Alaska Physical Activity in Schools Law here.

Click here to find out who represents you and their contact info.  Go to the bottom of the page and look for the box labeled, “Who Represents Me?”

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